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  Increase Your Profit

Generate your own high purity Nitrogen high pressure cutting assist and beam path purge.

PSA Nitrogen Generation, a proven technology that will:

  • Eliminate "delivery charges,"
  • Eliminate "evaporation loss,"
  • Eliminate "rental charges,"
  • And increase profitability.

  • Produce your own nitrogen for $0.04 - $0.17 per 100 cubic feet.

    Become more lean today.




      Purity and Pressure

    Industrial Solutions will work with you to size your system for your application.


    The myths about gas generation

    The truth about gas delivery that your gas supplier doesn't want you to know
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    Learn more about Gas Generation learn more


      Why Nitrogen Generation?

    Why PSA Nitrogen Generation


    Nitrogen Gas Systems

    Our nitrogen generators are designed and built under the supposition that they must

    operate for decades in the most remote locations in the world, under the harshest environments. learn more


    Nitrogen Generation Systems

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    There’s an alternative to purchasing nitrogen regularly.
    Laser users, get control of your costs

    Laser Users — Free yourself from the costly and inconvenient outside purchase of bottled and liquid gases. Our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generating Systems enable you to generate high purity nitrogen, used in assisting, high-pressure metal cutting and beam path purge, while virtually eliminating nitrogen gas evaporation loss as well as recurrent delivery and rental charges.

    PSA Nitrogen Generation Systems for Lasers

    Nitrogen Generation for Lasers

    With these units, nitrogen with purities from 95 to 99.999% can be produced for a fraction of the market price of N2, right in your own facility. Other added benefits of our Nitrogen Generator are increased workplace safety and security, while eliminating the need for hazardous storage areas.

    Since the systems operate entirely automatically in direct response to demand, downtime due to late deliveries, or unexpected empty gas cylinders, becomes a thing of the past. Companies using N2 for cutting assist or beam path purge can realize immediate benefits from our Nitrogen Generating System.

    How PSA Nitrogen Generation works

    Industrial Solutions LLC is to offer a PSA Nitrogen Generation System as a solution to expensive N2 supply generally available to the Metal Fabricating and Laser Cutting industry. At Industrial Solutions LLC we have combined our metal fabricating and laser cutting experience with nitrogen generation experience to provide the best systems available to this industry. We have configured systems for large and small companies with single and multiple laser machines. We have a unique understanding of both technologies and apply that to the best interest of our system users. We take advantage of our experience to assure your company that the system you buy is the system you need for your application and that it is the most economical system to own and operate. We have many installed systems combining these technologies; each one is a success story. We only work with laser applications and I.S. is the only company exclusively addressing the Nitrogen Generation needs of the metal fabricating and laser cutting industry.

    Those that have had laser machines for some period of time and have been using nitrogen assist gas know all to well that consuming nitrogen is an expensive proposition. This is the only logical way to control that cost and reduces it from a major cost to a minor one.

    PSA Nitrogen Generating SystemPSA Nitrogen Generation for Lasers

    The benefits of nitrogen cutting are well known for processing S. S. and Aluminum but with today’s new super fast motion systems with rapid acceleration and deceleration it is necessary to use nitrogen cutting assist gas even on mild steel to get the full value from your machine tool investment. Nitrogen assist will improve the cutting speed of sheet metal cutting using a high power laser with a machine of this type.

    Some other benefits of cutting with nitrogen are reduced cost for consumed oxygen, no smut or oxidized edges that are a potential problem for paint and powder coating, and improved welds as a result of smut and oxide free cutting.

    I speak as a peer and understand your needs; I have been in the metal fabricating industry for more then 40 years and have had my own fabricating shop since 1979. We have been laser cutting since 1985 and currently we run three high power lasers in our shops. We also have been running our own PSA Nitrogen Generation System since 2000 we estimate that each year we have saved $90,000.00 and continue to save everyday.


    Customer Testimonials

    Customer Testimonials

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    [ psa Nitrogen Generation for Laser Cutting by Industrial Solutions, LLC ]

      Size of System

    If you are interested in a nitrogen-generating system, you need to ask several questions to find the right size system to produce the required flow and pressure for your cutting needs.


      Virtually Free

    Virtually Free
    Virtually Free
    Virtually Free

      Worry Free

    Inherently simple technology has brought industrial users worldwide outstanding reliability and peace of mind while providing unsurpassed levels of performance.  Low operating pressures associated with these systems increase safety and give added security in the workplace environment and serves to eliminate the need for hazardous storage.

      Control and Efficiency

    Our PSA Nitrogen Generator reduces operator intervention and the high- labor cost.  Systems operate entirely automatically, in direct response to demand in the downstream distribution system.  No more worries about downtime created by late deliveries, weather related influences, unexpected empties and loss of expensive cylinders.  Elimination of supplier dependence is a key to greater control and efficiency.  In fact, multi-level savings are realized as nitrogen gas costs are paid via your electrical bill, thereby eliminating bookkeeping, purchasing, inventory record keeping, contract negotiation and other management involvement altogether.  This convenience really saves money at bottom line.

      Universal Compatibility

    "Beam Path Purge Gas" and "Cutting Assist Gas", Also, Cutting of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Mild Steel for oxide free edges, which is extremely beneficial for *Powder Coating*

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